Shipping Information

Postage in the United States will cost $.75(.75 dollars) per pattern. In Canada and Mexico shipping will cost $1.00(One dollars) per pattern. All other countries shipping will cost $1.00(One dollars) per pattern.

The pattern(s) will be mailed through the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE for pattern(s) needing to arrive in THIER normal shipping days. Howerever, we all know that can be slow and the pattern(s) may not arrive in time for your special occasion. We are willing to ship the pattern(s) by any other postal service you want to help fulfill your needs to receive the pattern(s) in time.

In order to allow us to receive our normal price, a extra postage charge will apply to any pattern(s) shipped by  a faster postal service. Contact us at to find out how much more the postage shall cost. We will then process the pattern(s) and ship as soon as possible. All special orders will be shipped the day received if possible.  All other pattern(s) will be shipped the next day unless some unexpected problem should arise.    


Orders needing to be paid by check can be sent to:

House Of Sewing Patterns
PO  Box 105
Perkins, OK 74059

The check orders will be proecessed the same way as other orders.